Friday, October 1, 2010


Yeah I know I need help. What can I say.

I went to Walmart
(I really don't like walmart any more but there is not any other choice where I live.)

I saw these paper plates.
Black square with white scrolls and orange pinstripe border.

My brain goes......

Chocolate cake (I wish)

It goes......

cute frames.

Who knows how my brain works

For a buck fifty I got 8 plates
brought them home and did this....

I glued two plates together because they were quite flimsy.

The images I did with the cricut.

Cut them out ..Inked them up...glimmer misted them..then glued those babies on.

They hang one each end of a rod iron bar I have in my front hallway.

So go to my most favorite store in the world and get yourself some paper plates!!


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Grandma Nell said...

You are amazing! I love reading your blog every day! Will you come create my house into a cool place like yours?