Saturday, October 16, 2010


This is Mr Rooster.
 He has been the guardian of our backyard for about 4 years.

Mr. Rooster is looking sickly!!!

Mr. Rooster and I have had some adventures.

First, I think he is target practice for golfers sometimes...

Second, I got him at a place called Canton.
It is once a month and is like a huge swap meet, flea market, craft fair, etc.

I saw Mr Rooster and he was a deal of a price so he was coming home.

Here's where the fun starts:

We are about as far away from the car as you can get.
Mr. Rooster is not small or light weight.

We had a wheelchair with us for one of our friends so.....
Mr Rooster got a ride, in a wheelchair, through a huge crowd, to our car.

It was quiet funny all the looks and comments we got.

By the way...I left my friend who needed the wheelchair sitting on a bench, 
 she didn't hold Mr Rooster on her lap!!

I decided to make Mr. Rooter better again.

I bought spray paint.

Yellow Krylon from walmart.
Colonial red Rustoleum 2x from home depot.

Krylon is awful!!

It was like spraying yellow water. 
The picture below there is 3 coats yellow and 1 coat red.

Can you believe the coverage difference?

I am sold on Rustoleum 2x coverage paint.

I will be off to home depot to buy yellow paint in that brand.

I didn't want Mr Rooster to be perfect but heck I didn't want yellow water either!

Well, he is half way better for now...

and hey Mr. Rooster......FORE!!!!!
(is that how you spell fore for the golfing term?)

Mr. Rooster and I will see you later!
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