Thursday, September 30, 2010


As promised here is most of my Halloween Decorations
I know I am possessed with Halloween Decor...but it is so much fun!!!
I don't do scary though...not yet anyway.

The pictures have a mind of their own!!!

Halloween Spirits I guess...but after two tries who cares. You can see the picture right!

This is a table in my great room. The only thing I didn't make here is the bird and the small plate.

This is a wall hanging that hangs in my hallway by my kitchen. I made this a couple years ago. Love doing quilt applique. I have done one for every holiday.

This is on the media cabinet in my great room.
I saw that picture and had to download it.

This is the right half of my buffet in the entry and the picture after it is the left side.

Left side.

This is on my coffee table.
This is my fireplace. I know you can see that from the picture. I am not sure why it is small but just click on it will grow.

This is the dining room. The green and black witch in the background I got dirt cheap because beads were missing. Just bought some beads and glued them back in.

This is the kitchen by the sink. The curtains are a work in progress and I will fill you in on that next blog.
Well there you have it.
A look around my house for Halloween. I have some towels I appliqued on hanging in the kitchen too and stuff like that around.
I still want to make some canvas candy corn and then I got these amazing paper plates that I have some plans for. So hang around...I still have a whole month to create......
Have a boootiful day

Monday, September 27, 2010


Boy have I had a hard time posting this. This electronic age is great until it goes wrong. It kept telling me service unavailable.
Here are the EEK and BOO blocks that I did last week. I think they turned out pretty cute...especially since I only had to buy spiders all the rest was left over supplies.

Believe it or not I had the hardest time with this EEK block.
I had a mental decor block. I had this yarn that matched perfect and finally ended up winding it around the outside of the block. Add some orange bling some spiders and Walla
HANDY HINT (cricut)
I made the ghost on the BOO blocks using my cricut.
I used the paper dolls cartridge.
For each ghost I cut out 5 images from white card stock.
I stamped a background stamp on one of the ghosts.
Then I glued all 5 together to make it thick. Putting the stamped ghost on the top.
Then I inked all the edges with black ink.
Next step is to use Glossy Accents on them. Wait for it to dry and there you have it.
You can use this layer cut outs on alot of stuff and I have gone as many as 10 layers. I know I could cut the image out of a cereal box or something thicker than card stock but on some things I like the layering effect it has.
My family wants me to post my Halloween decor around my house. So check back tomorrow and I will show you. I need to charge my camera batter. I am hoping that is why my pictures are kind of funky.
See You Tomorrow

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Remember when you were a kid and you made paper balls in school.

Here is the grown up scrapbook paper version.

They look pretty darn cute in my two tier basket on my kitchen table. Something else that's funny is on the night that I made these my niece Savannah was doing the same thing. She is 10 and really creative.
She lives in another state and we hadn't even talked to each other. Too Funny!!

Here is another idea:

This is what I do with my old calendar pictures. I frame them. Because frames don't really come in the right size I just put a sheet of black paper behind and center the picture. The add height and interest to a grouping. I change them out for each holiday or season.

Sorry for the bad pictures. Its cloudy and I might need to charge my camera but you get the idea.

I gotta run...I am busy booing and eeking today.
Come back tomorrow and see!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Are you wondering when I am going get tired of making

Halloween Decorations?

While blog surfing I came across this super cute idea.

Lil' Luna had made these flowers and I wanted to give it a go.

Funny thing is...this is not what I set out to make.

I was just putting some black beans is a dish and was

then going to stack skeleton heads on the beans.

Well, one thing lead to another and this is where the heads went...

Down in the beans- in the bowl- that the flowers went in.

Don't know how my brain works but hey, I like it.

Click on Lil' Luna up top and it will take you to the instructions on how to make the flowers.

One change I would make though...

I did the fan folds at one inch. Next time I will do half inch. I think it would look better.
Have fun!!!
Create something---it's good for the soul.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Can someone tell me why......
I go through all the trouble to space out my post and make it somewhat cute.
Then when I hit publish post it comes up with no spaces inbetween lines...UGH!!

I can't figure out why...

any clues??


This is what you get when you
glue a candle holder to the bottom of a plate.
I got this plate at hobby lobby 50% off.
Still kind of spendy but...
where I live if you wait.....
IT'S GONE!!!!!
I have a notebook of ideas
I cut (usually rip) out the picture of the idea I like then
I put it in a page protector.
I have a white piece of card stock in each sleeve and
I glue the pictures like a collage.
I have dividers for holidays, weddings, home decor etc.
It works for me.
Anyway, I have a picture of cups, candle holders, plates and bowl
all glued together to make cake plates.
I think the idea is like 10 years old.
I thought it had wedding decor potential.
I wanted my cute plate to be taller so....
I grabbed a candle holder from the dollar tree
gotta love that place!!!!!
Primed it then sprayed painted it black.
Glued it to the bottom of my plate and
TA DA!!!
Remember all those pumpkins I made?????
They are going fast...I keep giving them away...
If I want some I am going to have to make more.
Who would of thought
Gotta run..thanks for coming

Friday, September 17, 2010

More Halloween Goodies

Today I am going to share something I saw over at House of Smith's

Shelley has made some really cute stuff.

I really liked this one.

So I made one.

Looks really cute with all my pumpkins!

Go check out her blog...awesome!

Thanks for sharing Shelley!

Tomorrow I will show you what I did with a plate and a candlestick for halloween!

Have a boootiful day


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Here is what it looks like when you are making pumpkins.

Two friends and I decided to make some pumpkins.
Some Fall and some Halloween pumpkins.

I didn't have a pattern...I just saw them at a few places and figured I could do it.

I wasn't sure how much fabric to buy.

Half a yard each person in each fabric sounded good.

This is what we ended up with.....

61 Total Pumpkins.


Here are the Fall ones....

Here are the some of Halloween ones.....

We had so much fun laughing at ourselves
because there were so many.

And my friend peaed on my floor!!!
That's right.... she did...dropped a whole package of those little buggers.
(split peas to weight the bottom of the pumpkins)
Of course we didn't have to keep sewing them...
Hey we were on a roll!!!!


My family has dibs on one or two so I might end up making a few more.
Who would have though.

Hey don't forget I only got a third of them!!!!

We also made some more spooky blocks.
See previous post.

Okay I am off to clean ...ignored my house for three days...ugh!

Tomorrows and new day and a new project!

Bye for now Mauna

Friday, September 10, 2010


Halloween is all over blog land
and it put me in the mood for some

This was all made with left overs from other projects.

I love those projects where you don't have to buy anything!!!

If you wondering about the chicken and fuzzy balls project...
One part I was planningwasn't going to work so I spent a couple of days
trying to figure out a solution...

Problem is solved so that is next project.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Who knew you could take a black and white poka dot
cupcake papers
And turn it into this
I have seen these all over the web in white.
Martha Stewart did Christmas balls this way.
I was in the mood to make something for Halloween so I got out
my cupcake wrapper that I got at Michael's
my Styrofoam from Dollar Tree
and my trusty glue gun.
Don't ask me how many times I burnt my fingers before I
went and got a pencil to use instead.
Word of Advice:
What dose instinct tell you to do when you burn you finger.
Right--stick it in your mouth.
Not good with a glue gun burn.
I almost did it twice. Notice almost. It was a pretty close call!
Anyway, I am loving this.
I am also trying to decide if I should add some Halloween deco to it.
Let me know what you think.
My hubbies comment:
That's cute...I like it alot better than the book thingy you did.
Something tells me he wasn't that impressed with my book wreath.
I tell him his taste is all in this mouth.
Love that guy!!!!!!!
I wasn't going off any instructions.
I just wrapped the styrofoam with black ribbon.
Then I folded the paper in half and crunched up the bottom.
put some hot glue on it and stuck it down.
Working from the outside in--round and around you go.
Come back tomorrow and see what I'm doing.
It involves chicken and fuzzy balls.
I will leave you with your imagination going!