Sunday, March 30, 2008

Inspiration Inspired

I did this card for the SCS Inspiration Inspired challenge. I wasn't going to do a card for this but then I saw the Sherwin Williams commercial and that inspired me. The commercial has different colored spirals and swirls. Since my TV is in my home I think that qualifies. I used all SU stuff again.

Paper: Whisper White, Blue Bayou,Purely Pomegranate, and Soft Sky
Ink: Blue Bayou, Purely Pomegranate, Soft Sky, Wild Wasabi, and Groovy Guava
Stamps: Priceless and Warm Words
Embellishments: Corner Punch, Piercing and dimensionals

I keep thinking my next card will be pastel. I never quite get there.

I think I am starting to feel like me again. YEAH!!!!! I was never sick a day in my life until this year. I am not going to be sick anymore either :)

Are you ready for another week? They sure do fly by fast. Hope your weed end was great and your week will be even better!!
Keep Stampin ~ Mauna
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Midnight and Basic Grey

I did this card from Jen del Muro's Sketch for you to try. I did it at midnight. I guess I got too much rest yesterday. :) I used Basic Grey's Stella Ruby paper. I have had it for awhile. I ordered it online and then when I got it I loved the colors but it had sewing pattern pieces printed on some of it which I really didn't like. I guess at midnight I didn't mind them. I colored the stamps with my prisma markers.

Stamps: SU One of a Kind, $1 from Michaels
Ink: Close to Cocoa
Paper: Basic Grey

Thanks for stopping by - have a great Sunday!!

inky hugs~ Mauna
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Funny Dog!!

I had to share this picture of Snickers. Her eyes and nose fit perfect in the gate we put up. It looks so funny. Even funnier with glowing eyes! I put in a regular picture just to show what she really looks like. She is a long hair chihuahua and full of personality!!!
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Changed Circles!

Okay I added some dashes to the circles. They were killing me just plain. I think it anchors them more. It looks like I had too many rootbeers before I drew the dashes!!!!

They tell me the beauty of handmade is that it is never perfect and no two are the same.
I choose to believe it :)
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Lauren's Sketch

Here is my card for Lauren's Sketch. I like this layout but I think my circles need something. I used my prisma markers to color the flower. I only have 6 colors so far so not much shading going on. I tried water color but wasn't bold enough with these colors.

Paper: LLS
Stamps: SU True Friend and Friendship Blossoms
Embellishemts: Black ribbon and blue rhinestone

I am starting to have more energy YEAH!!. This time of night I am tired though. I think you call tell in my last couple of cards. But hey-I am better today than last week!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Have an awesome weekend!!!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tinfoil and Blackboard

I haven't posted since Sunday because I have had no energy. I guess two surgeries and then a proceedure on friday wiped me out. Then I worked too much last week. So I decided to baby myself a litte. I am doing better. I am learning to say no which is very hard for me. I am waiting to feel like a new woman again :) On to better things!!!!!!!

Here is my card for the SCS 169 challenge. I don't know what I was thinking. Can I blame it on being tired???? I decided to use tinfoil. Yep you read right tinfoil. I ran it through my cuddlebug. Worked great until I tried to attach it. Pretty delicate. Then I punched it and put it on the flowers. I hear it sharpens your punches too.

weStamp group met yesterday. I live to far away to attend. SAD!!!!! They did the blackboard technique so not to feel left out I tried it on this card. I think I will try this again. I like the way it looks. I used my Baroque Motifs stamp set from SU. I got 7 new sets of stamps yesterday in the mail. YEAH!!
Now I just need embellishments. I always "need" SU stuff.

Inky Hugs ~ Mauna

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

One ofA Kind

I decided I would do a SU supplies only card. Kind of tricky since I own 2 punches, 5 colors of paper, 6 ink pads, 6 sets of stamps and no embellishments. But hey I am up for a good challenge.
I did break down though a put a clear drop in the center of the flowers and use a white gel pen.
I used my photo corners punch to make the leaves on the flowers (which were punched with my scallop punch).

I have notice a huge difference in ink I have gotten at my LSS and SU ink. I could never get a solid color with the LSS ink. The SU ink does a nice job.

I do have more SU on the way. YEAH!!!! Scheduled to arrive on the 25th.

Question for all of you - What would be the first SU embellishments you would suggest to buy?

Paper: Wild Wasabi, Purely Pomegranate, Blue Bayou, Whisper White
Ink: Purely Pomegranate, Blue Bayou
Stamps: One of A Kind
Punches: Scallop and Photo Corners
White gel pen and clear drops

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!! Mauna
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Beate's Weekend Challange

Here is the card I did for Beate's weekend challenge. I like this layout. It's simple but there are a zillion ways you can use it.

Paper: Wild Asparagus and brown cardstock
Stamp: Autum Leaves
Embellishments: Prisma flowers, brown button, brown ribbon

Have a Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!

~inky hugs Mauna
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SC168 -Happy Everything!!!

Here is my card for the SC168 challenge for today. I really like this layout. I don't usually look at the other challenge cards until mine is done. I thought of Happy Everthing and then when I looked at the sample card it said Happy Everything. Too Funny!!!
I guess we are all glad the first day of spring is tomorrow.

I don't know why but my last couple of pictures look bowed in the middle. I lay the card flat to take the picture. Oh well, another puzzle to figure out. I glued two flower confetti together and then centered it with a clear dropthat I colored with my prisma marker. I think I mentioned I got them from the candle dept at Michaels. The dots I used a small hole punch.

Paper: LSS
Stamp: SU Greetings Galore
Ink: Color Box Olive Pastel
Embellishments: clear plastic drop, flower confetti left over from daughters wedding - Michaels wedding department.
Tools: Small hole punch and SU Mat Pack to place dots evenly. Prisma Marker.

Is everyone looking forward to spring?!?!?! In Texas everything is starting to bloom. The flowering trees are beautiful right now.

Happy Everything! Mauna
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here Is My Bleach Card

Here is the card I made with the bleach stamped paper. I kept it pretty simple. Just like the saying says.

My last SU order I got a Mat Pack. I love that thing. It lines up your brads, eyelets and paper piercing. I don't have a ticket corner punch yet so I just used my hole punch for now. Improvise!!!!

Paper: brown cardstock, stripped paper from wild asparagus
Stamp: Swirls from Walmart
Ink: Bleach
Embellishments: brads, green ribbon, metal plate form making memories
I used pop up circles for dept on the layered diamonds

Happy Stamping!!!!!!
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Bleach Stamping

Last week I tried bleach stamping but ruined it. Plus I didn't really know how to put bleach on the stamp without making a mess and fumes!!! I tried again and did much better this time.

I took two paper towels and folded them together in half and then in thirds. I placed this on a flat surface like the back of a plate. The top side of the plate was indented and didn't work. I used the folded paper towels as my stamp pad. I poured bleach on them. Just enough to dampen them. And then I stamped as usual. Trying not to breathe :)

The whitest part in the picture is the first stamp impression I did. I think there wasa little too much bleach in my towels. On this - less is more.

It looks better in person then in the picture.

I think for a card I will use a smaller stamp next time.

Now off to create something out of this. I think the bleach smell has left my artroom.

Come Back Soon!!!
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Bday Card and SU punch

I needed a quick birthday card and I love these bees. I haven't decided if it is better to watercolor your stamp and then pick paper or pick paper and then watercolor your stamp. I always end up watercoloring the stamp first and then trying to find paper to match which is not always easy. Soooo, I am thinking I need to pick paper first and make life a little easier! I punched small hearts for the scallops behind the bees. I saw the tutorial on Twisted Chick Creations

The blue paper has a white background. That I decided I didn't really like right away. It looks like you have messed up your paper when the white pops through. When I pierced it you can see the white.

Paper: Paper Studio, lime and white cardstock
Stamp: Stampendous bees, $1 Michael's bday
Ink: black
embellishments: clear drops, glitter glue

I FINALLY GOT MY SCALLOP PUNCH!!!! It has been on backorder for awhile. I can't wait to create with it. I also ordered more SU stuff the last day of the sale a bration. More stuff to play with!!!!!
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mr Whiskers / LSC159

I saw this bunny in an old magazine and had to make it for my grand daughter. It also meets the requirements for the LSC159 challenge using no tools. I only used scissors and a standard cutter.

Paper: pink, white, green and purple cardstock
Ink: Pink
Embellishments: black buttons, wire, SU chalk
the clear drops are from the candle section at Michael's they look like dew drops but are cheap. I just backed them with green paper.

This was my first time using SU chalk -WOW the color is more concentrated. A little goes a long way. I like it!!
Well I am off to see what other creative mischief I can get into.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Card Swap

My friend invited me to do a card swap with her daughter's group. This is the card I came up with simple and fast. I used my cuddle bug on the background paper and then I crimped the green band. To make the flower I cut 8 strips 1/2 by 3 inches, punched a small hole at each end and then put the ends together and slipped them on a brad with a small flower. I used scallop scissors on the bottom edge for more texture. I wanted to do something bright for spring. I think I got it bright enough :)
I didn't add any words - I wanted an all occasion card.

I am off to Wal-mart. I have to eat no or low fat since my surgery. I have decided you through the food away and eat the box! If anyone has any good low or no fat ideas or recipes I would appreciate it. Good side 12 pounds gone. Zillion more to go!!!

Have a great day!

Inky hugs~ Mauna
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Be Inspiried Challenge #4

Here is my take on Beate's Challenge. For the red part I first tried bleach stamping. It was turning out pretty good but then I ruined it with the black stamp - couldn't get a solid image. Sad thing! So this is what I ended up with. Maybe I will try the bleach stamping method again.
I think I am still tried from surgery from the looks of this card! :) Hey, every card can't be perfect and great. How exciting would that be.

Paper: Wild Asparagus
Stamp: SU Heartfelt Thanks
Ink: Black Color Box
Embillishments: Black brads and ribbon
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Easter Garland

My friend saw this easter garland in the March issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine (page 25) and asked if I would like to try and make one. Of course a simple project is never as simple as you think it is. I couldn't find the wooded bases for the eggs so I cut them from double layer posterboard. I think it turned out pretty cute. The letters and bunny ears I cut with a cricut. The eyes are tiny black buttons. I aged everything with the pearlescent chalk. It doesn't show much in the picture. I am going to get a yellow feather to put on each chick head. Needs some wildness :)

Silly me - over did yesterday as usual. Today is a rest day. Stamping cards is resting isn't it?

Happy Wednesday!!!!
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happiness is-

Happiness is being on this side of surgery instead of waiting to have it!

I did this watercolor with the Posies For You stamp awhile ago but didn't get to use it before I got sick. I saw it today and decided today would be a good day to go for it. I used my new corner punch from SU - love it!. I also used pearlescent chalk on the flowers and the happiness.

Paper: Wild Wasabi. purple and black cardstock, white watercolor paper
Ink: Wild Wasabi and black
Stamps: Posies for You and SU Warm Words
Embellishments: Purple Brad, pearlescent chalk

I am off to lay my sore tired body down.
Thanks for stopping by!

Happiness is....(you fill in the blank ) :)
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Saturday, March 8, 2008

It Wasn't A Bug!!

Well, I didn't have a stomach bug like I thought. It turns out I had a galbladder attack. And then a galstone stopped up my bile duct which caused pancreatitus. Very painful. Did I say VERY!
So, off the to hospital I went. Got stuffed with IV's full of drugs so they could removel my galbladder. Finally had surgery yesterday at 7:30 am and was home by 1:30 pm. Gosh, modern medicine just gets faster. An hour later there came a knock at my door and there was my stampin up order. Way better than flowers wouldn't you say.

I am tired and sore but ready to stamp! I should have asked if there was ink in my blood with all those lab tests :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Just one flower stamp!

Gosh! I had 3 days off from work and thought I could have fun stamping. I was busier that if I had worked! Now I have a bug!! I managed to out run it this far - considering I work at a doctors office - I guess that's pretty good.
I did this card at 2:00 am. Couldn't sleep-right before the bug got me! :)

This is my card for the LSC157 challenge. Just use one stamp. No dp, no cuddlebug, just plain paper and one flower stamp. With any embellishment. I kept it pretty simple. I used my watercolor pencils and pearlescent chalk.

Stamp: Stampendous
Paper: Brown and pink cardstock
Ink: Color box chalk chestnut roan
Accessories: button, ribbon, pearlescent chalk, white gel pen.

I am off to burry myself in a soft warm blankie! Anyone got any bug killer?