Saturday, February 20, 2010

Moving to Colorado and Mini albums

Okay...why is it that when you get your house the way you want it you move. I have come to the conculsion that I need to leave one room undone just to prevent that. We will be moving as soon as our house sales is the game plan for right now. My husbands company got bought out...he kept his job...many did not...and we are off to Colorado! Less house for more money...but hey...we have a job!!!

I have a new addiction. Mini albums. I have been creating like crazy. I decided I should post pictures of them. Most I have given away already but I will post some pics soon. Love them!!!!

I know I will be showing my house soon but I will still create...I have to or I will go insane. I will just have to try and be clean when I does one do that....I am a big mess....wish me luck!!