Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Stuff

I am getting ready to head to Colorado and get to know my new grand baby
  Brinlee and play with her sister Abbie.

Of course the procrastinator that I am puts off making her quilt and diaper bag until the last minute.
I have had this fabric since before we knew Brinlee was even a girl.

I tell myself I do it because I like the thrill of a deadline.

Here is the diaper bag I just finished

Do you see the eyelash yarn....hahahaha
No project is complete without it!

In case you can't tell it is chocolate brown not black.

Here is the inside pockets
I got creative and pieced some of the pockets.
I didn't want to cut a whole chunk of fabric just for a small piece.
Now it's a designer bag!

Of course no diaper bag is complete without burp cloths and a wipe/diaper holder
And here is the quilt
It's a rag quilt and I am not going to wash it to fuzzy out the edges until I get there.
It's flatter this way for my suitcase.

Besides they can have all the fuzz in their washer and dryer  :)

Okay.  I am off to accomplish more.
Trying to decide if I should take down all my winter snowmen and put up valentines before I leave.
I wouldn't want to get bored or anything!

I never posted my winter snowmen...tomorrow I will...I took the pictures even!

Have  a good creative day

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Saturday, January 15, 2011


This is Miss Brinlee Elizabeth

Is she not the cutest baby!!!

This is grand baby #6...we are so blessed!

This is big sister with Brinlee.
Abbie loves her new baby sister!
Can't wait to go and get my hands around these two!

Won't  be long now!

Have an amazing day