Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lady Bug Abbie

This is Abbie my other son's little one.
I figured I had better give some equal time here!  :)

She has a baby sister coming in January.

Yes I will be at the sewing machine some more!

I used to see this cutie almost every day.....
my house seems alittle empty now!

I guess I will go chase the dog around......not as fun though.


Saturday, October 30, 2010


Have you ever seen anything so sweet!

That is Ty singing to his baby sister Kenzie.

He loves her to pieces and is always kissing and singing to her and she responds.

It just melts your heart.

Miss them already!!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is Miss Kenzie.
Tomorrow I am headed off to meet this sweet princess. 

and to squeeze these cuties!!!

I am so excited!!!!
Isn't that just the cutest family!!!

I had some left overs from the blanket and diaper bag I had made for Kenzie.
I thought I would whip up a burp cloth and a onesie.

This is my first attempt at the onesie.
Here is the front:

And here is the ruffle it!

I didn't gather the ruffles.  I hand pleated them.

It's easier than it sounds.

I had layered two ribbons.   The pink ribbon has black stitching down the middle.
Won't use that again. (ribbon with stitching)  Made it bulky.

So I just hand pleated it.

You just push up a tuck in your fabric as it is about to go under the presser foot of your sewing machine.  Takes alittle practice and don't expect is to be perfectly spaced.
I am not into perfectly spaced...if I wanted that I would buy machine made.

Did ya notice my addiction.......yes that is eyelash yarn on the burp cloth.

Any color is good but I mostly use black.  But this just had to have hot pink!

So....this time tomorrow my arms will be full......of heaven on earth!!!!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

UFO # 3

Here is the latest UFO project I finished.

I bought the fabric three years ago and forgot I had it.
Is that a sign of old age????

The pattern is from a book by Art to Heart called Cottage Charms.

You can go here to go to their website and see all the fun projects they have.

I have this hanging from a doorway so that's why it looks kind of uneven.
It was long and that is the only place I could think of to take the picture.

I am probably going to skip Thanksgiving crafts and go right into Christmas.
 Don't hold me to it though.
I have an ornament swap at my house on Dec 2 and my house needs to be all decked out by then.
That doesn't leave much time between thanksgiving and then to get it done.

I never decorated much for that holiday anyway. 
 Just left the unspooky Halloween up.

I am off to figure out what I am going to make for the ornament swap and a card swap.

Unless I get sidetracked by some other creating!


Saturday, October 16, 2010


This is Mr Rooster.
 He has been the guardian of our backyard for about 4 years.

Mr. Rooster is looking sickly!!!

Mr. Rooster and I have had some adventures.

First, I think he is target practice for golfers sometimes...

Second, I got him at a place called Canton.
It is once a month and is like a huge swap meet, flea market, craft fair, etc.

I saw Mr Rooster and he was a deal of a price so he was coming home.

Here's where the fun starts:

We are about as far away from the car as you can get.
Mr. Rooster is not small or light weight.

We had a wheelchair with us for one of our friends so.....
Mr Rooster got a ride, in a wheelchair, through a huge crowd, to our car.

It was quiet funny all the looks and comments we got.

By the way...I left my friend who needed the wheelchair sitting on a bench, 
 she didn't hold Mr Rooster on her lap!!

I decided to make Mr. Rooter better again.

I bought spray paint.

Yellow Krylon from walmart.
Colonial red Rustoleum 2x from home depot.

Krylon is awful!!

It was like spraying yellow water. 
The picture below there is 3 coats yellow and 1 coat red.

Can you believe the coverage difference?

I am sold on Rustoleum 2x coverage paint.

I will be off to home depot to buy yellow paint in that brand.

I didn't want Mr Rooster to be perfect but heck I didn't want yellow water either!

Well, he is half way better for now...

and hey Mr. Rooster......FORE!!!!!
(is that how you spell fore for the golfing term?)

Mr. Rooster and I will see you later!
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Friday, October 15, 2010


Incase you don't know a UFO is an
Un Finished Object.
Here is day two's object.
These are two small stuffed pillows.
I don't really like calling them pillow because to me they're not.
Just two small things to stick somewhere to add some zing.
Nothing exciting or funny to write about.....
I hate when that happens makes me feel like I am in a rut!
Doing UFO's doesn't make me feel very creative.
All that has already been done...I just have to finish them.
Guess we will just wait and see what today brings!
Have an awesome friday.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


One good thing about getting ready to move is
purging your house and getting it ready to put on the market.
(the move that never happened)
When you are doing this you find all sorts of things you forgot about.

Like projects that got stuck away..forgotten...never finished.

Yeah...I found some.

It's been my goal this week to finish them.

Here is number one:

Why did I not finish these....I love them!
They were supposed to be a wall hanging but I made them into pillows instead.
Tomorrow I will show you project number two.

Photo Hint: I have found with my camera if I put the setting on back light my pictures seem to turn out better for some reason. Who knew. Give it a try and see what your camera does. I just have a little Kodak Easy Share. Nothing fancy or new. But hey, it works.


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I was in the garage looking in some boxes that
were still packed from the move that never happened.
I came across 2 inch styrofoam balls and black pipe cleaners.
That just screams SPIDER!!!

Aren't they cute little buggers.

I smashed the bottom of the balls on the counter to make it flat.

I cut the pipe cleaners in half and hot glued them into the ball.

Remember: hot glue melts Styrofoam so be careful.

I had some black paper floral ribbon that I wrapped the balls with.
I had to glue it in spots to keep it in place.
I think black yarn would have been better but hey I used what I had.

Then I wrapped them in eyelash yarn and....

TA DA!!!!

and just so you know


You wouldn't believe the stuff I stick it on.

I just opened my last package of yarn and I feel the panic setting in!!!


The world is not a good place without black eyelash yarn!

Enjoy your day!

Monday, October 11, 2010


I love Nancy Halverson quilt and applique books
I can just sit and mindlessly blanket stitch around the design.
I made these two kitchen towels last year.

Sorry they are not the greatest pictures.

It was nasty weather today...dark and dreary.

Happy for the rain though.

I am working on some new projects..just don't have them quite done yet.

Tomorrow I will post some cutes spiders I made.

I have also had my head in a book.

I am rereading the Mortal Instruments Series.

On the last book now.
Have to wait til April for the next one in the series.


I guess you could really say I want one or the other...
I used to tell my kids..
it's good to have builds character!


C ya Later

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I took a friend to Family Dollar the other day and saw this witches hat.

It's black velvet with a black boa around the outside of the brim.

It' spoke to me...I need to go home with you.

Then we went to the dollar store.

I got the bell you see at the top of the hat.
It was a christmas bell but I yanked off all that stuff.
Then I got a purple and green boa and a black crow.

Came home threw it together....nothing is glued.

Crow, boa and bell....$3
I had all the rest.

I put it on a cake plate to give it alittle height for display.

For me part of the fun in creating is the thrill of the hunt for stuff cheap.
I don't mean quality cheap...I mean price cheap.
I think if I had all the money in the world I would still hunt for cheap prices.

I look at stuff and then look at the price and laugh
(I have champaigne taste on a beer budget)
and I don't drink.

I come home and try to figure out how it was done and do it cheaper.
Hence the thrill.

Plus there is a feeling you get when you make something with your own hands.
You can't get that feeling with money and store bought.

So try making something.
Don't give up if you dont like it!!!

my motto:


Make something and let me know how it went!!!
Happy creating...Mauna

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I made this quilt for my 5th grand baby that is coming
(right now actually!)

I wanted to try my hand at a rag quilt.

I am not rally a fan of cutesy baby stuff. You know the ABC's, butterflies etc.

I saw this zebra flannel and went Have to have it!!!.

Then I saw the Leopard and the rest kind of fell into place.

I love how it turned out and so did mommy. She asked if I would make a diaper bag and wipe holder to match. Of course you know a grammy will do anything!!

Here is the diaper bag.
I wanted to make it with the rag squares and the same pattern layout as the quilt.

I didn't have a pattern. I looked a few online and then just went for it.

Here is the inside.

Here is the bag with the diaper/wipe holder.

The big flower I made also.
I just cut out a cardboard circle.
Glued netting around the outside.
Made a long strip of black satin and gathered it
Swirled it around until it made a flower and glued it to the cardboard.

There is felt and a pin on the back so it can be removed.

Well, I am sitting by the phone waiting for a call....

I hate waiting!!!

Next up I did a witches hat and some spiders.
I also started a Christmas applique.

Off I go to wait..did I say I hate waiting!

Have a great day...come back soon


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Friday, October 1, 2010


I decided I was going to make some cute curtains for my kitchen windows.

I went to the fabric store and bought some cute chicken fabric and some ball fringe.

Then I went a got rings with hooks and two cute black rods with finals to hang them on.

I asked my cute hubby to hang the rods for me and he said.....

"Where, there is no room"

Guess what....there is no room.

After staring and pondering at the spot where a rod should go

wondering what to do.....

I already spent money on this fabric and fringe (which cost more than then fabric)

Once again my brain went weird and thought


That's right jumbo push pins. And look... it works

This is not the finished product.

I hung black napkins there to see what it would look like and went


I can change them out for holidays or seasons.

This is working out better than I thought.


I am running away to do some laundry.

I do have to finish making a diaper and wipe holder to go with a diaper bag I just made.

See I am not all Halloween
Off I go Mauna


Yeah I know I need help. What can I say.

I went to Walmart
(I really don't like walmart any more but there is not any other choice where I live.)

I saw these paper plates.
Black square with white scrolls and orange pinstripe border.

My brain goes......

Chocolate cake (I wish)

It goes......

cute frames.

Who knows how my brain works

For a buck fifty I got 8 plates
brought them home and did this....

I glued two plates together because they were quite flimsy.

The images I did with the cricut.

Cut them out ..Inked them up...glimmer misted them..then glued those babies on.

They hang one each end of a rod iron bar I have in my front hallway.

So go to my most favorite store in the world and get yourself some paper plates!!


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