Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Here is my finish product.
Can you tell Black and Red are my favorite colors.
I made 24 of these babies!
Like I said....I am glad I have a circut.

The book I used for the background is
Chicken Soup for the Golfers Soul.
No hot and steamy romance novel......Sorry.
The flower is cut from the cricut cartridge
Tags, Bags, Boxes and More.
The stamps are Stampin Up
I still have more projects to work on.
Kitchen curtains or diaper bag...trying to decide what's next.
Have a tremendous tuesday!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Here is a sneak peek of the card I am doing for my swap.
This flower speaks to me. I don't know why.

Click on the pictures and you can see it closer.

I think I might try and make a wreath or something out of them.

Thank goodness for my cricut...Cutting all this by hand would be a nightmere!!!

I will have the finished product for you tomorrow.

Come see what it looks like!

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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Remember this from a few days ago?

The Bare Naked Back Yard.

Well it now looks like this and
I love it!!!

The house looks finished now.

It always looked like something was missing and hot before.
Funny thing too..
The back patio looks bigger.
Who would of thought???

See those beams holding everything up? They are huge they are 8x8.

I think the house would blow away before they would.

Next comes flag stone. There is a dirt area between the patio and the iron fence.

There are drain holes so it is like a huge planter that you are always watering.

In Texas heat that is not necessarily a good thing.

That is where the flag stone comes in.

We are going to put down flag stone and just use large vases or boxes.

Heck, we need another target for the golfers to hit!!!!

Okay, you know with any home improvement there is a
chain reaction of having to buy things.

Patio furniture for example.

We had a table and chairs but the chairs all fell apart....as in dangerous to sit in.

Bye Bye Chairs!!!

Last night we stopped at Home Depot to look for something else and
look what I found on sale!!!

They were originally $60 and I got them for $24.
They had 5 left so I took them.
No I have to decide do I paint the light color table to match or....
maybe I will find a deal on a table too.
You never know out here in small town Texas what you will or will not find.
So, there you have it. The Pergola. And I love it.
Next Project:
Cards for a swap I am in.
Stop by and see what design I come up with.
See ya soon. Mauna

Friday, August 27, 2010


Remember this from yesterday?

I gave you a sneak peek yesterday of what I was working on. Believe me that picture is not as messy as it really is. I had my recipes in a binder with dividers for each section. As you can see the recipes were in sleeves that held pictures. It was okay but I had to get the whole book out each time and flip all the pages...it just wasn't working for me.


I went to Walmart and I got photo albums. These are 4x6

I could tell you I got 5 and they are black but I think you can see!

The numbers I did with my cricut and white vinyl.

I know you are all thinking I am going to have vinyl on everthing that doesn't move.
Really I am not!!!

I suppose you are wondering how anyone will know

what is where

Well let me show you:

Well, I don't know why this isn't rotated the right way...It is in the picture folder. You get the idea anyway. I made a index that tells what is in each book. It is the first page in book one.

I got out my trusty label stampin up label punch and made tabs between the sections.
I made sure I left room for add ins.

If I had a recipe that was from the computer or magazine instead of writing it out I just glued it to a card as is.
By thw way this is an awesome sugar cook recipe!!!!
This is how Joy (my dil) does hers and I thought it was a great idea. I will let you know how I like it and if I make any tweeks. I think it is going to work for me.
I was going to stash it in a cupboard somewhere But I think I am kind of liking the black books with the numbers. May keep them out.
---IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!
Happy Friday
I hope all of you have an Amazing Weekend!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Here it is Thursday and it's day one of the pergola build. We had to wait on the huge posts to come in. I am liking this!!!! The great room already feels cooler but it could be because we are having a cool front go through. The temp is now 98 instead of 102.

When we found out we were moving to Colorado (not) we went through and purged our house. A lot of stuff went away. My daughter in law Joy is really good at organization and letting stuff go. She has inspired me to do more. I am working on one project that I will share with you when I am done.
Here is a sneak peak of the mess!!

We will see what day two brings tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by

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Monday, August 23, 2010


This is the back of my house as it is now.
The yard goes from the house to the metal fence.

I know you are thinking man that is not a yard!!!
But we love it....low yard work.
And our view is amazing....we back up to the 7th hole on a golf course.
We get all the view of a perfectly maintained landscape without any of the mowing
watering and all the other stuff that goes with it.

We do have to duck our heads once in awhile when a stray golf ball comes but not very often.
The angle that the house is built they hit the ball away from us.

In a coupe of days this will change. Yahoo!!!!! This side of the house faces West (where the sun sets..at least I think that is west). It gets at least 20 degrees hotter than then front of our house. And it been 102 lately.

We just celebrated our 33 anniversary and my cute hubby gave me pergolas for my present. I am so excited. It will totally change the look of the back of the house and cool it off.

Last weekend hubby dug up all the plants that were along the fence and moved them to other places around the house.
We do have side yards and front yard so we are not totally without any grass to mow and places to weed and water.

Of course this means new patio furniture, plants etc.....when you start a project it is like a chain reaction. Too Bad :)

Did I tell you I am excited!!!!!

Well, I am off to do Monday chores...I am getting a handle on this stay at home domestic goddess thing!

See Ya Mauna
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Saturday, August 21, 2010


That's right we are not moving to Colorado now. I can't believe I forgot to post that!! We are staying put right here in good ole Texas. Hotter than Hades Texas!!!

Everyone Doug works with is here in Texas so they decided to leave him here for awhile and see how that works. He will have to go to Co off and on for meetings and stuff. So for now I get to keep my house. I have mixed feelings...we were both released from our church callings, I quit my job, you know.... had one foot out the door.

So here we are, it's like starting over but not at the same time. It's weird.

Brett Alicia and Abbie are moved and I do miss them. But my other grand kids are still in Houston so I can go see them.

So here I sit no job, no calling, no grand kid next door and its 100 plus degrees outside.

Oh well...my life is a blank canvas waiting for ......should I say trouble he he he.

Stay tuned for more....Mauna


I am now retired from my job and I am back from helping my kids move and a family reunion.
I am trying to adjust to this life with time to do things.

I saw this wreath made from book pages on the web
I loved it and had to make one.
Of course I could not leave well enough alone I had to make it bigger!!! It took 2 1/2 books. I think it was an 18 inch Styrofoam. Instead of leaving it white I sprayed it with a whole bottle of coffee shoppe glimmer mist and I love the look.
I needed something new over the doors in my great room and I thought that would be perfect.
When I got it up there it needed something more so I got out my cricut and some brown vinyl and there you have it.
I love it!!

Well, I still had most of the day left and lots more vinyl so.......I labeled the dog food and treat jars.
That didn't take very long so..........
Then I put a rooster on my fridge. My kitchen is done in chickens because my husband works for a chicken company.

I decided I had better stop there with the vinyl for now.

I do have several projects planned...kitchen curtains, baby quilts, Christmas ornaments for an ornament exchange I am in and of course my addiction...more mini albums.

Since I am retired and Abbie doesn't live down the street I will have time to blog again. My husband says I will get bored soon and reminds me that my pay check is missing....hummm.....does that mean less trips to hobby lobby.....dollar store and Goodwill look out!!!!
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