Thursday, September 30, 2010


As promised here is most of my Halloween Decorations
I know I am possessed with Halloween Decor...but it is so much fun!!!
I don't do scary though...not yet anyway.

The pictures have a mind of their own!!!

Halloween Spirits I guess...but after two tries who cares. You can see the picture right!

This is a table in my great room. The only thing I didn't make here is the bird and the small plate.

This is a wall hanging that hangs in my hallway by my kitchen. I made this a couple years ago. Love doing quilt applique. I have done one for every holiday.

This is on the media cabinet in my great room.
I saw that picture and had to download it.

This is the right half of my buffet in the entry and the picture after it is the left side.

Left side.

This is on my coffee table.
This is my fireplace. I know you can see that from the picture. I am not sure why it is small but just click on it will grow.

This is the dining room. The green and black witch in the background I got dirt cheap because beads were missing. Just bought some beads and glued them back in.

This is the kitchen by the sink. The curtains are a work in progress and I will fill you in on that next blog.
Well there you have it.
A look around my house for Halloween. I have some towels I appliqued on hanging in the kitchen too and stuff like that around.
I still want to make some canvas candy corn and then I got these amazing paper plates that I have some plans for. So hang around...I still have a whole month to create......
Have a boootiful day


me said...

Ya wanna come do my house? I'll gladly let you.

Joanne said...

I Neeeed you to do my house. You are so creative. I love seeing all the neat things you make.