Sunday, June 8, 2008


We spent Friday and Saturday working on the shed. Gofer Girl got a promotion!!! I helped install the door and put on siding. I have learned when installing a door...throw away the instructions...we could not get it to work..finally after the second attempt was still not working we went to where our son is building a house and looked how his doors were installed. Nothing like the instructions...Sooo...we threw away the instructions and installed it like the builders did and it went right in...and the door even opens and shuts..Wohooo!!!! Did I ever mention that my husband has never build anything before....I am very proud of looks professional! When people ask about it we tell everyone you can learn anything on the Internet and HGTV. And guess what. After two days in the sun at over 90 degrees my legs are still white as can be...go figure!!!!

I mentioned a few post ago I did a swap with my friends daughter....since I don't have a card made yet I thought I would share a cute one I got. I don't know who I swap with...I give the cards to my friend who gives them to her daughter who mails them somewhere and eventually I get cards back..... This was made with a cricut. I think the cartridge is Doodle Charms. I think it's pretty darn cute and so did my grand daughter I mailed one too.

I hope to stamp something later...I have sore muscles I never knew I had lifting and holding that long heavy siding. At least when I was gofer girl it didn't hurt!!! LOL

Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping by...check back later!!!
Sore Inky Hugs~Mauna
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