Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Nancy Riley from iSTAMP sent me this RAK a few weeks ago. I took the picture and thought I had posted it already. I apologize to Nancy for taking so darn long to be grateful!!!!! :) It's a water bottle tag, father's day card and a calculator covered in SU dp. Aren't they all just sooo cute. Nancy does such a beautiful job on every thing she makes. I got so excited with her father's day card I ordered all the star stuff....dummy me though...forgot to order the handle to the large wheel, I have the small one. I guess I will just have to place another order...what's a girl to do? Have you seen what Nancy has been up to lately???? If not you should zip on over there.
Thanks again're amazing!!!
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Nancy Riley said...

Gol' ... no apology necessary, my friend! Glad you like the "stuff"!

Dawn Easton said...

lol...I could tell that was a Nancy card the second I laid eyes on it...haha! She has a distinctive, well put together style. Always perfect eh?

Lucky girl you are ;)