Monday, September 20, 2010


This is what you get when you
glue a candle holder to the bottom of a plate.
I got this plate at hobby lobby 50% off.
Still kind of spendy but...
where I live if you wait.....
IT'S GONE!!!!!
I have a notebook of ideas
I cut (usually rip) out the picture of the idea I like then
I put it in a page protector.
I have a white piece of card stock in each sleeve and
I glue the pictures like a collage.
I have dividers for holidays, weddings, home decor etc.
It works for me.
Anyway, I have a picture of cups, candle holders, plates and bowl
all glued together to make cake plates.
I think the idea is like 10 years old.
I thought it had wedding decor potential.
I wanted my cute plate to be taller so....
I grabbed a candle holder from the dollar tree
gotta love that place!!!!!
Primed it then sprayed painted it black.
Glued it to the bottom of my plate and
TA DA!!!
Remember all those pumpkins I made?????
They are going fast...I keep giving them away...
If I want some I am going to have to make more.
Who would of thought
Gotta run..thanks for coming

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