Monday, September 27, 2010


Boy have I had a hard time posting this. This electronic age is great until it goes wrong. It kept telling me service unavailable.
Here are the EEK and BOO blocks that I did last week. I think they turned out pretty cute...especially since I only had to buy spiders all the rest was left over supplies.

Believe it or not I had the hardest time with this EEK block.
I had a mental decor block. I had this yarn that matched perfect and finally ended up winding it around the outside of the block. Add some orange bling some spiders and Walla
HANDY HINT (cricut)
I made the ghost on the BOO blocks using my cricut.
I used the paper dolls cartridge.
For each ghost I cut out 5 images from white card stock.
I stamped a background stamp on one of the ghosts.
Then I glued all 5 together to make it thick. Putting the stamped ghost on the top.
Then I inked all the edges with black ink.
Next step is to use Glossy Accents on them. Wait for it to dry and there you have it.
You can use this layer cut outs on alot of stuff and I have gone as many as 10 layers. I know I could cut the image out of a cereal box or something thicker than card stock but on some things I like the layering effect it has.
My family wants me to post my Halloween decor around my house. So check back tomorrow and I will show you. I need to charge my camera batter. I am hoping that is why my pictures are kind of funky.
See You Tomorrow

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me said...

Once again, you amaze me with your creative talent! Love all you've shared so far. If Halloween is this good...what do you have in store for Christmas!