Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Here is what it looks like when you are making pumpkins.

Two friends and I decided to make some pumpkins.
Some Fall and some Halloween pumpkins.

I didn't have a pattern...I just saw them at a few places and figured I could do it.

I wasn't sure how much fabric to buy.

Half a yard each person in each fabric sounded good.

This is what we ended up with.....

61 Total Pumpkins.


Here are the Fall ones....

Here are the some of Halloween ones.....

We had so much fun laughing at ourselves
because there were so many.

And my friend peaed on my floor!!!
That's right.... she did...dropped a whole package of those little buggers.
(split peas to weight the bottom of the pumpkins)
Of course we didn't have to keep sewing them...
Hey we were on a roll!!!!


My family has dibs on one or two so I might end up making a few more.
Who would have though.

Hey don't forget I only got a third of them!!!!

We also made some more spooky blocks.
See previous post.

Okay I am off to clean ...ignored my house for three days...ugh!

Tomorrows and new day and a new project!

Bye for now Mauna

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Grandma Nell said...

I am so happy you posted a link to your blog. I had no idea! I had to comment here tho - because I noticed your sewing machines - and think that I see an old Elna SU back there on the table! I love that machine. I have one too and it works still after 37 years! Love it! Happy Halloween! I'm hookin' Stacey up with your blog too - she loves to create - and make things! ~LynnEl