Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Remember when you were a kid and you made paper balls in school.

Here is the grown up scrapbook paper version.

They look pretty darn cute in my two tier basket on my kitchen table. Something else that's funny is on the night that I made these my niece Savannah was doing the same thing. She is 10 and really creative.
She lives in another state and we hadn't even talked to each other. Too Funny!!

Here is another idea:

This is what I do with my old calendar pictures. I frame them. Because frames don't really come in the right size I just put a sheet of black paper behind and center the picture. The add height and interest to a grouping. I change them out for each holiday or season.

Sorry for the bad pictures. Its cloudy and I might need to charge my camera but you get the idea.

I gotta run...I am busy booing and eeking today.
Come back tomorrow and see!



me said...

Ummm, so when can I come back over to play?? You're having too much fun...though I'm sure it's not all by yourself! Retirement suits you.

L said...

Seriously?! Trish was cutting my hair last week and she was telling me all about your blog and crafts. You and my mom should get together and do a mega give away.