Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Took some time to stamp!!!

My kids are still moving!! I decided I would take an hour and do some stamping before I head over to help some more.
The heart stamp is from stampendous. I have tried to use it a couple of times, but in my learning process I either smear it or ruin it or I just plain don't like it when I'm done. I sprayed a peice of watercolor paper with water and then splattered green and purple watercolor pencils and then just rubbed it around until I like it. I saw how Laurie from Just Give Me Stamps did her watercolor so I tried it on the background.
The cardstock is just plain, purple, green, white and black. I tied a small bow like I have seen on Pam's blog Indigo Studio. For a finishing touch I used Pebbles Inc. Pearlescent Chalk. Green on the green parts and purple on the purple parts. You can see is somewhat in the picture.
I am anxiously waiting for Stampin Up stuff!!! I just sent the paperwork off yesterday. I guess I will be anxiously waiting awhile.
My next thing to learn is how to connect to someone's blog when I mention them. As you can tell I haven't figured that out yet.
Thanks for stopping by--it's still pretty exciting to see that someone left a comment or looked at my blog. It's only been a month!


Janine said...

This is gorgeous. I was actually looking at this stamp a few days ago but didnt ink it up...

Nancy Riley said...

These colors are fantastic, Mauna!

(e-mail or call me, and I'll walk you through "linking")