Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My friend Dawn Easton at Treasure Oiler Designz sent me this card. Isn't it beautiful! I love all of the details. Dawn was one of the first blogs that I found and I visit there every day. She has made some amazing cards....I haven't seen one yet that I didn't like. You should definitely add her to your list of favorites. Thank You Dawn!!!!

I haven't had much time for stamping. I am busy getting ready for my very first card workshop on Friday night. My cutter and I have become very good friends.
I am ready to create something new. My brain is going....that's going as in thinking not going as in gone!! My family might disagree.

Have your friend ever talked you in to something.....mine did and now I have orange splotchy legs. Yes ...I tried tanning lotion. I have very fair skin and my legs glow in the dark. My goal every summer is to get tan enough to know when my white nylons have run. I am on day 4 ...days one and two were pretty could look at me without sunglasses....I was thrilled. Day 3- I was going ...I don't know... I look kid of uneven. Today I was outside and looked down and went OH MY GOSH!!! It's not even at all!! My friends say yeah that happened to us but it looks good indoors. They left that part out and who wants to stay indoors! I haven't even mentioned my twice as dark knees and I only put the lotion on them once. Maybe I should make a card about this - LOL.
Come back and visit again!!!!
Mauna with crazy legs!
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Dawn Easton said...

Oh Mauna....glad you liked the card! I love to send out RAKS as often as I can. It's nice to put a smile on someones face!
Good luck with your workshop...I'm sure it will go great!
LOL @ your tanning story...been there...haha! Now I occasionally use the L'Oreal one that has shimmer in it. We don't get a very long summer up here but I like to enjoy a little glow ;)

Nancy Riley said...

Hey, CRAZY LEGS!!! hehehe! I've tried the slef tanning lotion too and hated the results. I'd rather be white! Can't get myself to tan in the real sun anymore ... skin cancer is too scary (especially when you live in Arizona!).

Anyway, Dawn's card is awesome! She's awesome! I love all her creations ... she's one talented lady!

Janine said...

Lucky you!!!