Monday, December 13, 2010


I went on a last minute trip to see these cuties.

Grandkids are God's reward for surviving your own kids!!!

They are so full of energy and fun.

We had a blast and now it's back to the real world.

Here is a quick picture of what is on my kitchen island for Christmas

The Sign and cloche are from previous post.

The red and green plate I got at Home Goods in Houston.
wish we had one in this area...could be trouble though!!

The cups with candy I got at walmart clearance last year..

The cloche is full of green, red and white bells.
The white ones are glittered..gotta have some bling.

What you can't see is behind the sign is a tall black spindle with a star on top.
It has a red ribbon on it.

I am in charge of our church christmas party friday night.
I will be busy making stuff for that all week.

I will be glad when that project is over!!!!!

Happy Creating
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