Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Look what I won!!!

My friend over at Austin City Limits  had a give away

I love it and it matches my kitchen colors!
Go check out her Blog she takes amazing pictures.
And lots of give aways.

I never win anything so this is a first.
What is so funny though is I am very sensitive to chemicals.
Things like perfume, cleaners, candles all that stuff.
Some are worse than others...I just never know.
If  I get a candle I have to put it in the garage for a couple of months before I can bring it in the house.

It's actually not fun to have because I never know when I step outside my house what I will run into...
Or should I say have to run away from.
My throat closes up....

Could be worse and it is something I can live with.
So what do I win.....a Sentsy aroma burner.
I just have to laugh.
Makes a nice night light and I love it.
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