Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Garland

The party I was in charge of for my ward at church was Friday night.
It was really fun and everyone pitched in and help.
The program was fun.
And now I am done with all my obligations and can just enjoy!!!!
I haven't had alot of time to make anything.  BUSY- BUSY- BUSY
Here is the garland then hangs as you walk into the great room.

Here is a close up.

I don't really attach anything to the garland permanently. 
So next year when I try to do this again it will look different but the same.

Here is the hurricanes that I made at Halloween done up for Christmas

I used Epsom salt as the snow in the bottom of the glasses.
I love the glitter snowflakes you get at walmart for like $3.
I stick them everywhere for some sparkle.

Speaking of Walmart (UGH)
They have had some pretty cute christmas ornaments in awesome colors for a buck.
Did you see them all????
Well,   Walmart their usual self...
one day there are tons there and the next day....
they are gone....none in the store.

What is with that??????
You can not tell me a person came in and bought them all.
IN MY SMALL TOWN!!!!! my soapbox......I feel better venting...Thanks!!!
I have an elegant dessert to share and a marble tree to show you.
Have a wonderful day getting ready for Christmas day!!

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