Sunday, December 5, 2010


Here is what my mantel looks like this year.

It's never really the same twice because I don't attach anything permanent to the garland.

In case you can't tell I like Santa's.

The wooden ones I have painted over the years.

The two stockings I knitted a couple of years ago...did not help my carpel tunnel I might add.

This Santa Screen I painted when my kids were little.
I still love it!

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I have some more Santa's but they won't fit so I just scattered them.

Did you notice my camera took 5 pictures today and they are clear!

One of you out there must be praying for it...thanks!!

The last of my grandbabies left with her parents yesterday...It's so quiet here.
When they left they took their third dog with them that I have been watching until their house was built.
So I am even down a dog too.

I guess I will just have to create to keep from being sad!!!

Happy Creating


me said...

Or, we could craft together!

Tricia said...

HAHA love the i believe in the middle of santa fest. Brandon and i have been discussing the whole believe in santa thing......and a guy in our ward bore his testimony about believing in santa today.