Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I know I said I wouldn't do Thanksgiving but.....

I have some grand babies coming and I am thinking about all those little fingers.
It might be better to wait to put up Christmas.

Besides the tree goes in their play area....where would they play???

I did switch out my frames.
Nothing fantastic....just a hurry up job.

This one I like.

I have had these transparent leaves forever.
Got them at Walmart when walmart used to be good!

I finally decided to bust them out and

try something and I like what happened!

There is a yellow leaf, an orange one and then red .

I layered them light to dark, top and bottom to middle.

I're not can see that in the picture.

Just humor me :)

Okay...I am off to work on the shadowbox that I sooooo excited about!!


Spray paint and bells.

That's all you get til tomorrow!

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