Friday, November 12, 2010


I know you're thinking black and red again.  
I can't help it...I am drawn to those colors.

This is not exactly what my brain envisioned but it turned out.

I wanted the red part to be red with tiny white stripes but couldn't find the paper.

And since my printer is nutzo  I couldn't make the paper.

At the end I decided it needed a kick so I added some very fine glitter around the celebrate.

I am not sure if it shows up in the picture.

I made 26 of these little suckers.  Got a few hot glue ouchies.

I am thinking about sharing some recipes with you.

Quick and easy is my motto..get in get out of the kitchen.

What do you think??

Gotta run I have an appointment with some more black paint.

Have an awesome day!


I just did spell said nutzo isn't a word and suggested...NoDoz...ha!
(you know the stay awake pills)

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