Thursday, November 11, 2010


Okay this was a crazy day!

My computer crashed awhile back
 and I am just now getting around to loading my
cricut design and sure cuts a lot software.
can you say pain in the behind

I had to find all the programs that would match Windows 7.
Then I had to update the firmware on my cricut.

Most of the day later........I finished my project.

Here is the shadow box I promised.....
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It's a keeper

I must give credit to where it belongs....this was not my idea.
I really believe if you copy someones idea
you need to give them the credit.
Go here to see the original that I saw.

I made mine's 8x10 and tweeked it a little.

I went to hobby lobby to get my shadowbox.  They had a black one for $24.99

Then I saw this one for 12.99 and they were half off so I ended up paying $6.50.
I did have to bring it home and spray paint it black....but hey...
What I won't do to save a buck!!!!

I had everything else.
The ornament hanging off the bow was a package of three I got from dollar tree last year.

I am working on something else right now...and I have black paint all over me... again.

You can leave me a commnet and tell me what you think. 

See ya tomorrow


Julie said...

Love it! I love the black and red together.Just the right thing for
christmas x

me said...

so when can i come play?? love the shadow box.

Back said...

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