Wednesday, November 3, 2010


 Okay, for two years now I have been wanting these Cloche.

I saw mini ones when I was Utah at Tia Pia and they were expensive.
I think I remember about 24 bucks each.

NO WAY MAN!!!!!!

Soooooo...just like very one else in blog land I paid a visit to good old Good Will.

I bought these for $2.50 each.

I was going to do the glue the plate to a candle stick thing for the bottom

I went to Walmart and found these for $4.00

(I still don't like going there)

Transfer the lid and there you have it!

Cloche for $6.50.

I still have two wooden bottoms I can paint and do something with also.

I live in rural Texas.

Shopping is not very easy..
.I have to drive an hour just to get to a Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

Then it's very limited at that.

I just can't run to the store for a small piece of fabric so it makes it challenging sometimes.

But hey...the traffic here is great!

Thanks for stopping by and see ya tomorrow


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me said...

You make it look soooo easy. I can NEVER find the 'good' stuff at G-will or any other second hand place. Sigh. I must have you teach me your tricks of the trade. :)