Monday, August 23, 2010


This is the back of my house as it is now.
The yard goes from the house to the metal fence.

I know you are thinking man that is not a yard!!!
But we love it....low yard work.
And our view is amazing....we back up to the 7th hole on a golf course.
We get all the view of a perfectly maintained landscape without any of the mowing
watering and all the other stuff that goes with it.

We do have to duck our heads once in awhile when a stray golf ball comes but not very often.
The angle that the house is built they hit the ball away from us.

In a coupe of days this will change. Yahoo!!!!! This side of the house faces West (where the sun least I think that is west). It gets at least 20 degrees hotter than then front of our house. And it been 102 lately.

We just celebrated our 33 anniversary and my cute hubby gave me pergolas for my present. I am so excited. It will totally change the look of the back of the house and cool it off.

Last weekend hubby dug up all the plants that were along the fence and moved them to other places around the house.
We do have side yards and front yard so we are not totally without any grass to mow and places to weed and water.

Of course this means new patio furniture, plants etc.....when you start a project it is like a chain reaction. Too Bad :)

Did I tell you I am excited!!!!!

Well, I am off to do Monday chores...I am getting a handle on this stay at home domestic goddess thing!

See Ya Mauna
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