Friday, August 27, 2010


Remember this from yesterday?

I gave you a sneak peek yesterday of what I was working on. Believe me that picture is not as messy as it really is. I had my recipes in a binder with dividers for each section. As you can see the recipes were in sleeves that held pictures. It was okay but I had to get the whole book out each time and flip all the just wasn't working for me.


I went to Walmart and I got photo albums. These are 4x6

I could tell you I got 5 and they are black but I think you can see!

The numbers I did with my cricut and white vinyl.

I know you are all thinking I am going to have vinyl on everthing that doesn't move.
Really I am not!!!

I suppose you are wondering how anyone will know

what is where

Well let me show you:

Well, I don't know why this isn't rotated the right way...It is in the picture folder. You get the idea anyway. I made a index that tells what is in each book. It is the first page in book one.

I got out my trusty label stampin up label punch and made tabs between the sections.
I made sure I left room for add ins.

If I had a recipe that was from the computer or magazine instead of writing it out I just glued it to a card as is.
By thw way this is an awesome sugar cook recipe!!!!
This is how Joy (my dil) does hers and I thought it was a great idea. I will let you know how I like it and if I make any tweeks. I think it is going to work for me.
I was going to stash it in a cupboard somewhere But I think I am kind of liking the black books with the numbers. May keep them out.
---IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!
Happy Friday
I hope all of you have an Amazing Weekend!!

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