Saturday, August 28, 2010


Remember this from a few days ago?

The Bare Naked Back Yard.

Well it now looks like this and
I love it!!!

The house looks finished now.

It always looked like something was missing and hot before.
Funny thing too..
The back patio looks bigger.
Who would of thought???

See those beams holding everything up? They are huge they are 8x8.

I think the house would blow away before they would.

Next comes flag stone. There is a dirt area between the patio and the iron fence.

There are drain holes so it is like a huge planter that you are always watering.

In Texas heat that is not necessarily a good thing.

That is where the flag stone comes in.

We are going to put down flag stone and just use large vases or boxes.

Heck, we need another target for the golfers to hit!!!!

Okay, you know with any home improvement there is a
chain reaction of having to buy things.

Patio furniture for example.

We had a table and chairs but the chairs all fell in dangerous to sit in.

Bye Bye Chairs!!!

Last night we stopped at Home Depot to look for something else and
look what I found on sale!!!

They were originally $60 and I got them for $24.
They had 5 left so I took them.
No I have to decide do I paint the light color table to match or....
maybe I will find a deal on a table too.
You never know out here in small town Texas what you will or will not find.
So, there you have it. The Pergola. And I love it.
Next Project:
Cards for a swap I am in.
Stop by and see what design I come up with.
See ya soon. Mauna

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me said...

L.O.V.E. the pergola! Aren't they wonderful? They are definitely the perfect addition to any hard-scape. Can Mr. B and I come have a look see?