Saturday, August 21, 2010


That's right we are not moving to Colorado now. I can't believe I forgot to post that!! We are staying put right here in good ole Texas. Hotter than Hades Texas!!!

Everyone Doug works with is here in Texas so they decided to leave him here for awhile and see how that works. He will have to go to Co off and on for meetings and stuff. So for now I get to keep my house. I have mixed feelings...we were both released from our church callings, I quit my job, you know.... had one foot out the door.

So here we are, it's like starting over but not at the same time. It's weird.

Brett Alicia and Abbie are moved and I do miss them. But my other grand kids are still in Houston so I can go see them.

So here I sit no job, no calling, no grand kid next door and its 100 plus degrees outside.

Oh life is a blank canvas waiting for ......should I say trouble he he he.

Stay tuned for more....Mauna

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me said...

I, for one, am glad you're not moving. Selfish on my part 'cause now I have someone to commiserate with when I'm missing my child, experiencing hot flashes, or just need some crafting help! So happy I found your blog!