Thursday, April 24, 2008

Funny Story About this Mug!

Actually, now it is two funny stories. I went to post this and in the middle of the title it decided to post itself.

I decided to try my rub ons from the Sale A Bration catalog. I had this mug all carefully planned down to the last detail. Then I went to put on the first thing - the big flower - I DROPPED IT!. Can you believe that. So where you see the flower is where it landed.
KER PLUNK !!!!Maybe this mug is possessed - Naw-how can a mug full of chocolate be possessed! :)

Two post in one hour - should I got try for three!!Posted by Picasa


Dawn Easton said...

I love those rub ons so much! I think I've gone through two packs of the Sale A Bration ones...hehe!

your mug is awesome!

Nancy Riley said...

This is adorable, Mauna! The flower looks great where it landed!