Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bleach Stamping

Last week I tried bleach stamping but ruined it. Plus I didn't really know how to put bleach on the stamp without making a mess and fumes!!! I tried again and did much better this time.

I took two paper towels and folded them together in half and then in thirds. I placed this on a flat surface like the back of a plate. The top side of the plate was indented and didn't work. I used the folded paper towels as my stamp pad. I poured bleach on them. Just enough to dampen them. And then I stamped as usual. Trying not to breathe :)

The whitest part in the picture is the first stamp impression I did. I think there wasa little too much bleach in my towels. On this - less is more.

It looks better in person then in the picture.

I think for a card I will use a smaller stamp next time.

Now off to create something out of this. I think the bleach smell has left my artroom.

Come Back Soon!!!
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