Sunday, July 6, 2008


What do you get when you put accountant...a motorized post hole digger...and last but not forgotten....a gas line....RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! You grab two babies, the dog, the car keys a drive off in your pj's as fast as you can. We are all fine...the firemen came...the gas man came...and a lot of dirt and gas shot into the air. Sure hope we don't pay for all that gas....ouch!!!!
Maybe a card tomorrow.

Have a safe night :o)

Edit: We are all doing fine. The gas line repair man finally showed up and crimped off the line and repaired it. We had gas and dirt shooting up like a volcano. It was not the liquid gas. The firemen came and acted pretty calm about the whole thing. Just watched and made sure nothing ingnited. Sure did stink up the neighborhood for awhile.


nitestamper said...

OMG !!!are you guys okay ????i am trying to decipher what happened.

Nancy Riley said...

YIKES!!! Do tell more! Hope everyone is OK!

Amanda said...

OMG!! That's crazy. i do assume everyone is ok since you did post again!LOL. How's the accountant??

Laurie in MN said...

I am gladyou are safe.

Did the firemen give the accountant a lecture about "call first, then dig?"