Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I am going to confess why I didn't start stamping as soon as I got home....I got sucked into the Bella and Edward story. I heard about the books but I wasnt going to read them...why would I want to read books on vampires! Well, I was at my daughters and couldn't sleep. It was 2 am and sitting on her table was a black and red book called Twilight. There was nothing else to do so I figured what the heck....I will just peek. THE BEGINNING OF THE END!!!! Me who doesn't read finished all 4 books in 9 days. My husband is like what!!!!! You don't read!!!!

Okay there ya have it....I enjoyed every minute.....I confess........now I am back to stamping.
The movie is coming though ;0)

Happy Tuesday and since there is no more books I am off to stamp......my friend said to make a vampire Halloween card!

Come back later and see.......

Inky Hugs ~ Mauna

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