Thursday, January 31, 2008

Inspiration comes when you least expect it!

Today I was sitting at work and a drug rep (I work at a doctors office) threw a bag of green m&m's on my desk. The first thing I thought was - WOW-that will make a great slider for valentines day. The bag of m&m's is pretty cute! The slider is actually purple and green. I know it looks blue but it's not. I know those aren't your usual valentine colors but I didn't want it to look like christmas with red and green. The tag on the outside says "love is..." and when you pull the ribbon a tag pops up "you" with the m&m's. Sorry the picture is alittle fuzzy. I am going to give this to my husband so I didn't want it too cute and frilly. He just wants the candy!!!
You do know what they say about green m&m's don't you!!!!

I got my Posies for You stamp set today from Whipper Sanpper Designs. I am exctied to use it. I am still pretty limited on supplies. SU has their sale starting tomorrow. YAHOO!! I've been waiting to order from them till then.
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