Saturday, January 26, 2008


After a lot of should I or shouldn't I-I decided to go for it and start a blog. I have been crafting my whole life but just this year found stamping. My daughter asked me to make a lunch sack album to use as her guest book at her wedding. I used stamping and have been hooked!

I found blogging in September when I found out I had uterine cancer. I am now cancer free YEAH!!!! During my CA process I would surf the web. One day up popped the blog istamp by Nancy and I was hooked on blogging. She opened the door to many other sites and help me find an escape from waiting, wondering, surgeries, recoop time. Thank You!!!!

So here I am-discovering stamping, blogging and enjoying life.

Here is a picture from my daughters lunch sack guest book that started it all!!!

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Nancy Riley said...

Mauna, Welcome to blogland!!! (btw, you give me WAY too much credit!) Such a blessing and celebration to be cancer free!!! wooho!!! Your daughter's lunch sack album is awesome ... can't WAIT to see more of your creations! Enjoy!