Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Everyone is telling me that I need to blog again. Well everyone as in my family maybe a few more.
Now that I am not working and done getting my house ready to sell I do have a few spare moments so I guess I will start again.

Since I am a stay at home woman now or as I like to call it a Domestic Goddess, I decided I needed to brush up on some of my homemaking skills. You know the ones like cooking and cleaning. Trish, my daughter, gave me a yummy choco chip cookie recipe made with pudding. I thought I would dust off the kitchenaid and give it a go. I was doing everything room temp. Was mixing ingredients according to recipe...which I seldom follow a recipe..thinking my domestic skills are still intact. Well guess again....I added flour to the mixer...turned it on......poof flour everywhere...looked like a dust storm. I forgot to put the collar on the bowl to keep that from happening. I had white powder everywhere. Good thing no one was around to see me looking like a ghost. I do have 6 dozen yummy cookies though.

Doug, my hubby, always keeps our drink fridge stocked with the water bottles. Are we spoiled or what. Anyway, he is MIA off and on in Colorado so I decided today I would do it. He usually just brings in the 24 bottle case and plops it on the shelf and we dig out the bottle. Well the domestic goddess me decides I was going to remove the pastic wrapper and put them in the fridge nicely. You know the cardboard box underneath the bottles, I was going to use that to carry them to the fridge. Warning... If you do that you end up with 24 bottles of water all over the floor. Cardboard hugh....try cardstock. After chasing them all over the floor I now have very nice rows of water bottles in my drink fridge. There are alot of things you take for granted when your hubby is always home.

Come back later and I will update on our Colorado house purchase and a mini album I am working on.

It is good to be back blogging.....cheaper than a shrink too!!! Love ya Family

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